The Lettuce Masterclass is your exact step-by-step blueprint to Plan,  Grow, & Sell lettuce YEAR-ROUND! 

Now apart of the Small Farm University educational platform!!

Farmers like you are using it to build a profit generating flywheel that helps them maximize sales to the right customers and create a successful lettuce system in
90 days or less
The Masterclass closes in 
Right now you struggle to…
Grow lettuce successfully
It doesn’t germinate, or dies in the plug tray, or dies when you plant it. 

When it finally DOES grow, along comes a deer who eats it, or it bolts, or disease takes it out.

Grow lettuce consistently
Some weeks you don’t have enough. You frustrate customers and they can’t rely on you, so they stop ordering.

Other weeks you have too much. You toss good lettuce away because you can’t sell the extra.

Run your farm efficiently
You love working the land, but let’s be honest - you want less field time, more family time.

Between worrying about seed with low germination… tossing transplants because they died… fighting weeds which steal your time and fertility…you feel more ‘stress’ than ‘success’ with your farm.

The Masterclass closes in 
Imagine for a moment...
  • Knowing EXACTLY how to consistently grow, harvest and sell sweet crisp lettuce - every week of the year
  •  Your production quality is so high, and quantity so consistent that customers, groceries, and chefs rely on you with standing orders
  •  Having the Blueprint which shows how to run your farm like clockwork, so you never stress about having too much (or too little!) production again
  •  Selling out at the farmers market, charging for 6X what growers beside you sell for, taking over the biggest stall, or having your local grocery store switch all their bulk greens to yours
  • Being home by 5 each night to have dinner with your family, pleased you spent the day working the land growing a crop customers LOVE
This is what the Lettuce Masterclass does for farmers just like you
Just ask Amber.

She was a seasoned farmer with over 12 years of experience.

But she knew that her farm could be a lot more profitable (and less stressful!) with the right crop and systems.

She had a hunch growing lettuce year-round was possible… but didn’t want to waste another few seasons figuring it out.

So she joined The Lettuce Masterclass.

Here’s what happened...

1.9 Billion dollars...
...of lettuce is sold in the US each year. Are you claiming your fair share?
With this system, you can consistently harvest $600-$1200  per 100 ft bed in 4-5 weeks (from transplant.)
(using a $6/lb salad mix price and $2.50 a head lettuce price)
Integrating consistent year round lettuce production into your farm is one of the most effective ways to grow your customer base, sell to more restaurants, and create more freedom in your farm life. 
The Lettuce Masterclass
teaches you how
  • You'll get EVERYTHING you need to plan, consistently grow, and harvest and pack in a streamlined, consistent way that ensures success.
  • The course covers lettuce production from the hot, humid south, to the cold, snowy north. Learn how to prevent bolting even in the hottest, most humid conditions.
  • Learn how to woo the RIGHT accounts by telling your farm story, being food safety compliant, and producing a premium product.
  • Discover how to use a consistent lettuce production system to afford better team members, which gives you freedom in your business.
  • The Fast-track guide walks you through each modules highlights so you can get up and running quick, and then go back and watch the detailed lessons to get specifics.
The Lettuce Masterclass is a pre-recorded video/audio/transcript online training system that you have access to 24/7/365 for the lifetime of your membership in the Small Farm University. 
The 4 Steps to Lettuce Success..
Take the course and map your plan- dates, varieties, customer leads, etc
Build your lettuce system- amend your soil, plant your lettuce, sell your lettuce
Tweak the system- systematize, hire employees, and lock in key customers.
Profit from the system- optimize and enjoy the your farm Freedom!
If you’re already a farmer you can
Cover the cost of your entire lettuce system in the FIRST HARVEST
That includes the Masterclass and supplies. You probably have most starter tools already, but you need the Lettuce Blueprint system to shortcut your success!
Featured in
Just see what other Lettuce Masterclass students have to say!
Sidestep common pitfalls with The Lettuce Masterclass
… Just starting out?
Perfect time to take the course and get “a much better game plan”
Make good money and have customers coming back for more
Grow lettuce 52 weeks a year… EVEN during summer and winter!
This works even if you’re new to lettuce farming

Hear what Carrie
 had to say...

The Roadmap to a successful year-round greens system.
What’s in the course?
8 modules show step-by-step how to grow greens year-round in all climates
Step By Step Training

Whether you struggle with summer heat and humidity or winter cold and frigid winds, you’ll learn how to make this crop a profit center for you! 

You get the combined expertise of my experience growing in the south, and Michael Kilpatrick’s northern lettuce plan - so you can grow lettuce year-round in any climate.
Proven Lettuce Blueprint

You get a proven roadmap for success with the LETTUCE BLUEPRINT. 

From the exact planning schedules, resource guides, to varieties, to weed control and cultural techniques - I've included everything you need to make sure you succeed!

Special Discounts

You get to cash in on the big discounts I’ve negotiated with key suppliers.

From BCS (5-10%), to In the Field Consultants (25%), and more, I want you saving money!
Unparalleled Support

Get all your questions answered during the course.

From our online community to our TEAM of experts, we’re with you every step of the way.

Eight modules that teach you step-by-step how to grow lettuce year-round in all climates. Whether you struggle with summer heat and humidity or winter cold and frigid winds, you’ll learn how to make this crop a profit center for you. Michael Kilpatrick comes on in several sections to share his northern lettuce plan that allowed them to produce lettuce year-round.


You get a proven roadmap for success with the LETTUCE BLUEPRINT. From the exact planning schedules, resource guides, to varieties, to weed control and cultural techniques - I've included everything you need to make sure you succeed! 


Discounts with key vendors- Negotiated discounts on key supplies, from BCS (5-10%), to Farmers friend, (so good they won't let me show it) and more, I want you saving money! 


Unparalleled support for your questions. From our online community to our TEAM of experts, we’ll cover all your questions during the course.  

Here’s what you get in The Lettuce Masterclass
The course is packed with practical information to get your farm profitable quickly.

You get 8 core modules released over 4 weeks as well as bonuses, live Q+A’s, coaching sessions, resources and workbooks.

NOTE: New modules that deal with baby greens, Selling to grocery stores, No-till, and selling Online to keep up with our challenging times!

Shift your mindset from ‘feast or famine farming’ to that of the year-round lettuce grower.

Discover the important key principles to focus on as you build your profitable lettuce flywheel!
Build the lettuce schedule that will allow you to consistently deliver lettuce year-round.

Grab our “planning cheat sheets” as well as the detailed plans from Michael Kilpatrick’s farm in cold and snowy Upstate NY.
Starting great lettuce is KEY.

We walk you through seeding, germination, and transplant care systems that help you produce the perfect transplant.

Get the exact spreadsheets and training documents we use for our employees who manage the system for us now.
Field Prep + Fertility
See exactly how to set up your field production system and manage your fertility.

Get your hands dirty in an interview with soil expert Ellen Polishuk, who has been instrumental in our soil
fertility plan.

You get the “Magic Soil Calculator” which automatically shows the nutrients your soil needs based on
a simple test.
Discover the various planting systems so you’ll know which one is best for you.

See our exact techniques for landscape fabric, bare ground. Save a TON of time with our method of of using the paperpot planter.

Learn the tricks for getting consistent success rates with transplants in the field - even in hot conditions.
Crop Care
Learn all the steps to growing your lettuce well.
Cultivation tricks to manage your weeds
- with almost no work!

Set up automated irrigation systems on the cheap (exact part diagrams and numbers included!)

Manage disease and insects with my favorite tools.
I share how I prevent bolting and ensure harvests
every week.
Harvesting + Packing
Steal my system and work efficiently with the exact processes we use to harvest and wash, spin, and pack hundreds of pounds each week.

Learn the tricks we use to keep producing a premium product - even though the hottest days in summer!

We walk you through the “right” way to lay out your washing house system for maximum effectiveness (many farmers unknowingly waste a ton of time here).
Protected Growing
Continue growing lettuce during the coldest winters!

Get the strategies to keep your customers happy all winter long - without spending a fortune on heat.

See different levels of protection and estimated payback of those structures.
NEW- Spinach, Arugula, Baby lettuce and MORE!
Over the past year we've added several baby greens to our mix and filmed videos that accompany that as well- we've done trials with varieties, seed spacing, and more and can't wait to share!
Module 10
Our NO-TILL System
In the summer of 2019, we decided to start experimenting with No-till growing.

We've now switched much of our production to this system and have been incredibly happy with the results, seeing increased yields, better soil conditions, and so much more.
In The Masterclass you’ll see how to do
all this (and more) 
Year Round Lettuce Production in the Desert with Erich Schultz
  • an overview of how Erich runs his successful, modular 2-acre farm in Phoenix, AZ. Half of their sales are from greens and salad mix. 
  • A walkthrough of the exact lettuce propagation and planting systems that Erich uses
  • how he fertilizes his lettuce to maximize health and growth
  • ​ an overview of his lettuce varieties and which varieties are chef favorites 
  • ​how he irrigates his lettuce in the dry and arid conditions of the Southwest
And that’s not all...
Get an extra $800+ in bonuses and resources when you join today!
Your bonuses are specifically designed so you conquer the specific challenges
of having a profitable lettuce farm
These resources and mini-courses help you get results FAST… 
 and in extreme environments

“Sell More Lettuce” mini course [$197 VALUE]

More than just stores! How would you like to see your lettuce featured on the menu of your favorite restaurant? You learn that and more.
See all 6 of our sales channels and the exact steps we use to sell to each of them - and how to professionally package your product so you blow “the big guys” out of the water.

Demystifying Food Safety Guide [$97 VALUE]


We make it simple to sell to grocery stores and institutions by showing you the basics of GAP or FSMA certification which many require.

In 2019 we were inspected for GAP, and passed. We walk you through exactly what that entails.
Plus, get an entire FSMA record system so you easily track the necessary information - and a complete resource list that shows you exactly how to comply.

The Ultimate Lettuce Supply Catalog [$197 VALUE]

See ALL the tools and supplies that I use for production. From our containers, to soil, to equipment and tools - it’s all here. PLUS, get our exclusive industry discounts!

The Profitable Farm Playbook [$297 VALUE]

At the end of the course you’ll get my fresh-off-the-press, plug and play Standard Operating Procedure guides to running a profitable farm. It’s everything I wish I had YEARS ago.

NEW: Sell online with Shopify [$47 VALUE]

With the current events, our online sales have exploded, and our shopify store has been processing hundreds of orders!

We'll show you the exact way we set it up and what apps we're using to make it streamlined. Check out more details here
That’s $800+ in value - just in bonuses
Take a “backstage pass tour”
Want to see what it’s like inside the Lettuce Masterclass?

Here’s a quick behind the scenes tour of everything you get in the course!
And in case we haven’t met yet...

Hey there, I’m Ray Tyler of Rosecreek Farms.
People often say I’m one of the foremost experts in profitable lettuce production - but it wasn’t always that way.
In the summer of 2009 after being laid off from a really good job, we decided to pursue our farming hobby seriously. We had no capital to start with, but we had a vision.

Figuring out what to grow in our punishing, humid summers and markets was challenging. Farming insane hours with a tractor on 2 acres, chickens, laying hens, pigs, and even a few cows, it became a struggle to maintain a family of 6, keep track of animals and keep the Tennessee weed bank under control. And then early in the spring of 2015, our 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive, life threatening, stage 4 cancer. 
Life was in chaos.

And we needed a change.

In the fall of 2015, we made a leap of faith to sell our meat business, stop using a tractor, and farm using only one acre. We were certain focusing on just produce would allow us to master the lettuce crop in 2016. We had lettuce for sale every week that season! Thrilled to discover that we tripled our income on half the amount of land that year, we were excited and inspired to be heading in the right direction.

By focusing on creating better growing systems and changing our farm practices, we now have year round production and a near weed free farm.

Now our family is happy, healthy, and spends more time together - since I rarely work more than 8 hours a day in the field.

By developing systems which let us do MORE with LESS, we created a highly-profitable, low-stress farm which puts our family first.

"I started farming to spend more time with my family and be on the land. Developing this system allows me to achieve true farm freedom and enjoy working with my family every day"
With all this experience I know
Why most farmers get stuck
Reason #1: You haven’t mastered production
I’ll say it - without the proper know-how, growing lettuce is tricky. If you’ve been crushed seeing your crops fail to transplant, bolt, or die with disease - you’re not the first. (Don’t even get me started on soil.)

But follow my simple system and you’ll grow lettuce 52 weeks a year, whether it’s sweltering or freezing… and even if you’ve never successfully grown lettuce before.

To have stable income, you MUST have a reliable crop. One customers know you’ll have - every day of the week.

Mastering production is key, and in The Lettuce Masterclass I guide you step-by-step from your first seed, to transplant, to cutting - and beyond.
Reason #2: You’re trying to be a full-time farmer a with “hobby farm” approach
This simple shift is the first step which takes your farm from ‘stressful and scattered’ to ‘streamlined and stable’.

Imagine having all your processes and systems in place so you knew exactly who was doing what, when. No more ‘forgetting’ to water, or transplanting and seeing things die, overproducing, or tossing good lettuce away.

And here’s a hint… you can’t do it alone. There’s NO WAY I’d ever be even 10% the success I am today if I did it all myself.

When you join The Lettuce Masterclass you get my entire ‘playbook’ with all the systems and process I use to grow and scale my farm, while having plenty of time for myself and my family.
Reason #3: You aren’t making profit
“Breaking even” doesn’t count. You and your family deserve better than that.

Plus, your community needs you to be profitable so you’re part of it for a long time to come! You feed the community, create jobs, supply grocery stores and restaurants… the list goes on. You owe it to everyone to step up and be successful.

Even if you can grow lettuce, it doesn’t help if you don’t know how to get in front of people who buy - consistently.
From now on, you don’t sell to just anyone. You might be thinking “Ray are you nuts? I’m happy to sell to anyone who gives me money!”

See. there are 2 kinds of customers…

Good customers - who buy on repeat, every week, at a premium, and are a joy to work with.

Bad customers - who buy willy-nilly, cancel orders, haggle bargain-basement prices, and freak out if there’s a bug in the mix.

From now on you ONLY work with good customers. Sound good? Great.

And I show you how to reach them. I share my exact marketing channels, how to build relationships, the way to get your lettuce on shelves of your favorite grocery and menu of the best restaurant in town - and a whole lot more.
Production, Process, Profit: the 3-step recipe to a successful farm
The “3 Ps” are baked right into the Blueprint, and in The Lettuce Masterclass you’ll see how to do all of this - step-by-step.
Join The Lettuce Masterclass
Get the BLUEPRINT profitable farmers use to plan, grow, and sell lettuce YEAR-ROUND! 

Get the entire lettuce masterclass FOR FREE when you join the Small Farm University!!

Have a question? Email

Most Flexible
  •  All 8 step-by-step training modules [$997 VALUE]
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  Weekly live Q+As during the course [$400 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “Sold In Every Store” Mini Course [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: Demystifying Food Safety Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • Bonus: Ultimate Lettuce Supply Catalog [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “The Profitable Farm Playbook [$297 VALUE]
  • ​​BONUS: Tunnel Buying Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • ​BONUS: Microgreen Quickstart Guide [$97 VALUE]
Get started today with 3 equal monthly payments of $347 [$1041 total]
Best Value
  •  All 8 step-by-step training modules [$997 VALUE]
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  Weekly live Q+As during the course [$400 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “Sold In Every Store” Mini Course [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: Demystifying Food Safety Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • Bonus: Ultimate Lettuce Supply Catalog [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “The Profitable Farm Playbook [$297 VALUE]
  • ​​​BONUS: Tunnel Buying Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • BONUS: Microgreen Quickstart Guide [$97 VALUE]

Enrollment ends 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Maybe you are thinking...
“Right now it’s FALL and money’s tight”
If you’re feeling the pinch, this is exactly why you need the Lettuce Masterclass now.

This is the perfect time to create your Lettuce Plan, get systems in place, and build profitable relationships - so you’re READY when the season hits.

And once you have your lettuce ‘profit flywheel’ up and running, you’ll grow lettuce 52 weeks a year. EVEN in winter or summer.

With the Lettuce Masterclass, this time next year you’ll have had your most profitable winter yet!

Join The Lettuce Masterclass
Get the BLUEPRINT profitable farmers use to plan, grow, and sell lettuce YEAR-ROUND! 
Most Flexible
  •  All 8 step-by-step training modules [$497 VALUE]
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  Weekly live Q+As during the course [$400 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “Sold In Every Store” Mini Course [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: Demystifying Food Safety Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • Bonus: Ultimate Lettuce Supply Catalog [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “The Profitable Farm Playbook [$297 VALUE]
Get started today with 3 equal monthly payments of $197 [$591 total]
Best Value
  •  All 8 step-by-step training modules [$497 VALUE]
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  Weekly live Q+As during the course [$400 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “Sold In Every Store” Mini Course [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: Demystifying Food Safety Guide [$97 VALUE]
  • Bonus: Ultimate Lettuce Supply Catalog [$197 VALUE]
  •  Bonus: “The Profitable Farm Playbook [$297 VALUE]
That’s $1685 in value
for just:
Listen to how The Lettuce Masterclass principles have changed lives..
Ray turned our farm around...
Tom Zink - Four Seeds Farm - Wister, Oklahoma
A couple years ago we moved to to southern Oklahoma. My background was the Army, and I was also a welder, but I wanted to start farming. It was super tough and we struggled at first. I have 4 kids and our region is more of an “okra and potatoes” area. 

Finding Ray was a godsend. I had followed other experts, but no one else had the experience with farming where the heat index is regularly over 100 degrees from June through September. We’re still regularly producing 16 oz heads of lettuce!!

Ray completely turned our farm around. From the varieties, to the irrigation, shade cloth, and dates, Ray completely set me up and saved the day. We can consistently produce lettuce all summer long now.

I don’t want anyone to complain about the heat or bugs… we melt out here… and as long as you follow Ray’s system (trust me it works) you’ll be all set! We’re super excited about where we’re going as a farm, and wouldn’t be here without Ray and his lettuce system.
First Month Grossed Almost $5000
Darin Hampton - Front Street Farms - Piedmont, Missouri
I had a dream of leaving my office job, starting an urban farm in my small town of 2000 people, and selling produce out of my garage. I was living on hope and a prayer that it would work. I was stuck in analysis paralysis, not sure what to buy for infrastructure or what made sense to build. I had even started working as a plumber to help with the transition!

Ray gave me a plan, and it has been key to making a successful transition to farming. He really helped me bridge the gap. Ray has a great way of working, he understands working within your context so he doesn't just recommend one system, but what will work on YOUR farm. Ray is my safety net!

The first month of opening my farm I grossed almost $5,000 from an 1/8th acre. My salad mix is my biggest seller - I can’t grow it fast enough! I’m working on 4X my production now and looking forward to fall when I think I can double my sales!  

Thanks Ray for helping me make my farming dreams a reality!!   
Ray saved me $1000 on my irrigation system...
Cliff Davis - Pig and Leaf - Summertown, TN

I was struggling with keeping our lettuce irrigated properly, which was causing issues with not producing lettuce constantly and losing money. We were spending several hours each day making sure that all the crops got water. I was overwhelmed and frustrated by all the irrigation options out there, especially as we have an off-grid operation.

Ray helped me design a system that cost me 50% less than what I had been considering and allowed me to irrigate my crops overhead, drip or both. He showed me the exact parts and pieces that I needed and where to get them at the best price. 

Ray is a farmer’s farmer, loves farming and is a great guy to work with. He definitely wants me to succeed - even though Ii’m close enough to be future competition. He went above and beyond working with me and now our irrigation system saves me 75% of my time irrigating.

Past musician to full-time farmer this fall!
Charles Burks - Maranatha Greens - Slaughter, Louisiana
Before working with Ray, I wanted to start my own farm but my background in music didn’t give me the necessary skills I needed. I had purchased land and developed a half acre with cover crops, but was unsure how to get started with a market garden. There's lots of information out there, but I needed someone who could speak specifically to my context, especially being located in the deep south.

Ray gave me a plan, walked me through the exact systems that I needed, and I signed up 50% more CSA members than I expected this spring! Ray gave me clarity and a filter for all the information out there, even down to the exact crop plan and varieties that I needed. And he helped me implement it in such a way that I could develop the CSA while maintaining a window cleaning job as my primary income. We produced more food than we needed for our members. It was worth every dollar working with him!

I love living on my farm, setting my own hours, and growing my own food. My family is starting to get interested and more involved and that has been a real blessing. My CSA members are excited and helping me spread the word as we prepare for next season. My goal is to go full-time this fall and feed much more of my community, which is only possible because of Ray's help.
With The Lettuce Masterclass you can build a successful year-round lettuce production system
  • Are just starting out with lettuce production and don’t know where to start
  •  Grow lettuce, but struggle to have a consistent or year-round supply
  •  Feel you’re leaking time & money, or know your systems need fine-tuning
  •  Want to farm full-time but don’t have solid year-round income yet
  • Can grow lettuce, but can’t sell enough to make ends meet or experience farm freedom
Have Questions?  Here's some answers...
Will this system work for… the Bahamas? Alaska?
We have growers all over implementing the Lettuce Masterclass techniques to build consistency, extend, and systemize their lettuce. Follow the principles in your context for success. We show how we do it, but also emphasize the principles that allow you to have success in all environments
How long do I have access?
If you join the Small Farm University, as long as you are a member.
What if I don’t like the course?
This is the system and principles that finally made our farm profitable and these techniques work. You an cancel at anytime
Can I buy next week? Next month?
We only open the course publicly a few times a year so that we can spend most of our time focusing on helping the students taking the course. 
Who are the other Presenters?
Michael Kilpatrick is an entrepreneur, farmer and educator. He is our Northern Lettuce expert and processes and systems guru, making sure that our systems are as efficient as possible. He has over 15 years experience farming and working with farmers in the industry.

Ellen Polishuk helps us deep-dive into soil fertility and what we should be doing to feed the soil, not just the plant. She’ll walk us through interpreting soil tests, they type of nutrients to apply, and how to streamline our fertility system.

ERICH SCHULTZ farms at Steadfast Farms in Queens Creek, AZ
How does it work?
As soon as you sign up you’ll be emailed your secure login to access the course dashboard. You’ll also receive a link to join the Small FArm University private Group.

All you need is internet. All modules, trainings, and bonuses are accessed through the private member area.
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